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July Spotlight: Fulvic Sludge - Save 10%! Systemic binding of mycotoxins, metals and more!

Sludge (Tub)

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Sludge is the strongest systemic humic/fulvic acid binder on the market. Binding heavy metals, mycotoxins, and... Read More

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This is the same Sludge that comes in stick packs in a pouch, but this is bulk powder with a scoop. You're getting double the amount of Sludge (at only 35% more cost), but in a bulk scoopable form.

. Sounds disgusting, right? 

The good news is, it's not! In fact, this humic and fulvic acid blend was created by Matt (Founder of Farmacy) to have a professional practitioner option that was so clean it didn't have an awful taste. As a result, it has no taste, unlike most other humic and fulvic powders.

The name, though? Matt's kids did not want to drink it when they saw the color... "It looks like SLUDGE!" Hey, now that's catchy; let's run with it!

By the way, this is the best binder for kids, tasteless in juice (or water) with systemic binding capability while increasing absorption of nutrients in GI tracts.

*Note - Some kids get grossed out by the color, put it in their water bottle so that they don't have to see black water.

You can add this to your coffee, water, or juice without the taste affecting you at all. You won't put it off ("I'll drink it later") because you won't even know it's there. Your body will thank you. 

Sludge is the first of its kind, a 100% pure toxin-binding powerhouse that does not come with a slew of problems that can make your health issues worse.

  1. No harsh extraction chemicals
  2. No additives
  3. No fillers
  4. No citric acid
  5. No flow agents
  6. No toxicity from surrounding areas
  7. Not from a salt water source high in heavy metals

Sludge is unmatched in the industry because it's 100% pure. When you scoop 500mg of our humic and fulvic acid powder, you get only that. Nothing else. Check the label.

Matt sourced Sludge from the pristine western prairies of Canada. The great black north. Some of the world's purest and most pristine untouched land (check online for photos of 'Lake Louise'). These nutrients have been compounding and becoming richer with each century.

This is the purity Matt wanted for Sludge. This is the purity that gets your body results. Measurable results.

Matt uses Sludge for a variety of purposes with clients, but some of the primary reasons are*:

  1. Binding mycotoxins due to mold toxicity
  2. Binding heavy metals
  3. Binding environmental toxins
  4. Boosting mitochondrial health and activity
  5. Providing massive antioxidant power
  6. Increasing cellular detox ability
  7. Increase absorption of minerals
  8. To lower inflammation
  9. Feed and grow good gut bacteria
  10. Deliver organic minerals to starved cells

Do you need any of those results?

Matt sourced this organic fulvic and humic mix to provide to doctors and fellow practitioners. The industry needed a premium standard. It's one of the best tools for addressing so many chronic issues or just to keep your body clearing the toxins that plague us in everyday life (toxins in our food, water, and environment).

You can also take Sludge near other supplements and food (even in the middle of a meal!). Unlike other popular binders, there's no need to separate Sludge from those by a couple of hours.

The humic and fulvic acids that makeup Sludge are intelligent molecules that only bind toxins, not food and the nutrients your body needs. It actually HELPS your body absorb those nutrients from your food better. 

Yes, there are many similar products on the market, but you won't feel they're so similar when you understand what is actually going on.

  1. Other fulvics use fillers to lower the concentration of heavy metals they have to declare per dose. Matt calls this manipulation. 
  2. Other fulvics water down their liquids until they're just amber or almost clear; you're getting virtually NO humic and fulvic. Scam.
  3. Other fulvics can taste bad because of residual chemicals from dirty extraction methods. 
  4. Some companies import their humic and fulvic from overseas where standards are less stringent.
  5. Many companies sell their humic and fulvic in water. You're literally paying for mostly water and extra shipping costs due to water. Don't buy water.

The analogy Matt uses is the difference between kitchen knives... You can buy a kitchen knife at the dollar store for $3.00. It's made of thin stainless steel and has a cheap plastic handle. It gets dull very fast, and the handle will come off before you get done chopping veggies for tonight's salad.

Or, you can buy a professional, evenly weighted, Japanese-made kitchen knife with 640 layers of Damascus steel and a hand-carved hardwood handle for over $5,000

They're both kitchen knives, and they both say they chop vegetables, but one has far more value and will do you far more good in the long run. Sludge is this quality knife. Others may look like Sludge, but they don't compare.

Giving your body the most potent and high-quality supplements will move the needle on your health journey. This is why you don't buy your vitamins at Walmart (you better not be!). Professional practitioner lines have FAR more investment in assuring and securing quality that will affect your healing and recovery. 

Matt didn't want this professional formula to be out of reach of regular people trying to heal themselves. There are too many companies holding their products hostage to just professionals. Matt wanted you to be able to access this directly without any hoops to jump through. 


Depending on your size and sensitivity, you can start with part of a scoop all the way up to multiple scoops per day. Ask Matt if you want specific dosing instructions.


Separate from pharmaceuticals by 2 hours. Read all labeling on the pouch.

Need guidance in measuring your mold toxicity, heavy metals, or other health issues while starting Sludge? Ask Matt, he can help you with choosing, ordering, and interpreting your functional labs and getting you data on paper so that you can measure your progress with Sludge. 

In an effort to keep your lab testing costs low, Matt has made all the most popular functional labs available to you without the need for an expensive doctor visit. See all the functional labs available for you to order yourself right here.

Please don't risk buying from companies that hide most of the information on their fulvic acid products. Quality matters, purity matters, and extraction method matters because your health matters.

Our third-party testing lab utilizes ICP-MS analysis and measures tolerances for microbiological contaminants and heavy metals based on the NSF International Standards for Dietary Supplements to ensure everything is in safe and acceptable ranges.

Attention practitioners, contact Matt for wholesale pricing on Sludge.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The only items approved to treat, cure and prevent are pharmaceutical compounds with possible side effects like blindness, migraines, depression, anal leakage, liver disease, and death. 

Frequently asked questions

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Does sludge mix well in water?
Yes, but stir it in when the water is only half full. Once stirred in then add the rest of your water. Matt likes doing it in a water bottle; fill half full with distilled water then add the stick. Gently swirl the water bottle for 5 seconds then add the rest of the water. That’s it!
Can I add sludge to other drinks?
Yes, you can add it to coffee, tea, grape juice (great for kids as it hides the color), even soup! or anything else you can think of!
What if I am on medications?
Normally you want to separate supplements from medications by 2 hours to try and avoid it impacting them in any way. So if you take medications first thing in the morning you can wait 2 hours before making and drinking your sludge.
Can I take it near other supplements or food?
Yes, absolutely. Sludge does not bind to and remove nutrients your body needs, it actually increases their absorption.
How quick do I need to drink it?
Matt asks people to put it in a water bottle so that it can be drank all day. If you don’t drink it that day you should dump it and make a new one for the next day. You can also drink it all at once in a glass of water, but a constant supply to the body is what Matt prefers. Some people also do a stick in the morning to last til noon and another stick for the afternoon hours.
Can this be used with kids?
Yes, Matt uses sludge with kids, even his own kids (ages 8-15) daily. Kids don’t mind it at all because it has almost no taste and it can be added to juices (grape juice is best because of the color). The biggest issue is the color, so Matt asks parents to put it in their water bottle so that they don’t see the color.
How does it taste?
99% taste free. Matt’s kids approve of it even without any flavoring added. Don’t forget you can add it to soups, coffee, tea or other. The clean extraction and no additivies makes it the best tasting humic/fulvic on the market.
It's so dark, does it stain?
Yes, be careful! No making this with white sleeves or on a white table cloth!
Are there any side effects?
If someone has really bad gut dysbiosis they may experience side effects. The reason is, humic and fulvic acid feed the gut bacteria in your gut. If you have too much bad bacteria you could experience SIBO like symptoms; gas, bloating, pain, diarrhea. If you do experience this then cut your dose down, or stop it until you have lowered the opportunistic and pathogenic bacteria in your gut and raised the good. You will then be feeding the good guys more than the bad bacteria!
Is it okay to take this if I'm consitpated?
You absolutely can try it, but if you find it adds more constipation then you will want to lower your dose, or pause it, until you have your bowel movements increased. Try adding castor oils packs, more magnesium, Cellcore's Bowel Mover, increased hydration, or other tools to increase bowel movements.

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