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Take the Mold Toxicity Quiz Click here
Take the Mold Toxicity Quiz Click here
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An ERMI is the best test for checking your home for mold toxicity. Air quality tests miss over 80% of your mold, an ERMI... Read More

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ERMI Options

  1. Use the drop down menu to choose between the limited ERMI or the ERMI PLUS+ which includes extra important molds. 
  2. Choose your desired processing time.
  3. Choose a written report (PDF) or a Zoom call with Matt where he covers your ERMI results, how the molds (and related mycotoxins) affect you, and next best steps. 

What's an ERMI PLUS+?

The ERMI PLUS+ is not your normal ERMI. This has been updated by Matt to include additional molds and yeast that cause problems for people. 

The standard ERMI leaves questions by not measuring molds and yeast that commonly show up on your Mycotoxin lab. It also leaves questions when Matt reviews your Organic Acids Test. 

The better you can understand your home and body, the more clear the picture is. The more clear the picture, the more precise the protocol. Better the protocol, the faster you heal.

Makes sense, right? 

What does the ERMI PLUS+ add?

+ Aspergillus Parasiticus
+ Fusarium spp (Genus)
+ Candida albicans

Do you need an ERMI PLUS+?

  • Is your home making you sick?
  • Is your workplace making you sick?
  • Is your car making you sick?
  • Is your school making you sick?
  • Is the daycare making your kids sick?

How can you know if mold could be a contributing factor? 

ERMI testing. It's the best mold test (DNA analysis) of the mold spores present in your home. It outperforms air testing, plate testing and can pick up what the naked eye cannot.

What is ERMI PLUS+ mold testing? 

ERMI mold testing is when you collect the dust from your home (or school, work, etc.) to have it examined for mold spores. These spores come from many different species of mold, some extremely toxic, others not as much.

The ERMI PLUS+ mold test kit will let you know what mold spores are found in your home and how concentrated it is. 

See a sample ERMI PLUS+ report here

You will receive a broken-down list of these toxic molds from water damage and your levels of less toxic and common indoor molds.

From that data Matt will review with you (PDF report or Zoom call option) if you have molds that could be causing sickness in your home.

Turnaround Times:

There are 3 options for turnaround times : 1 business day, 3 business days, and 5 business days. Once your kit has been returned to the lab and entered into their system, you will receive your results within the timeframe you chose 

How to complete an ERMI PLUS+:

  1. The dust you collect must be 90+ days old
  2. Watch Matt's video on how to collect the ERMI properly
  3. Use the gloves to prevent contamination of the Swiffer
  4. Collect dust from every room in the home
  5. Collect enough dust that the Swiffer looks dirty
  6. Collect from low areas and high (but not floor)
  7. Collect from all baseboards in every room - *** Most important dust ***
  8. An average home could have 8-10 collections per room 

Do NOT test these areas:

  • Do not wipe in the kitchen until you watch Matt's video above
  • Do not wipe high heat areas (around a fireplace)
  • Do not wipe visible mold or dirt/grit/grime
  • Do not collect any drywall dust
  • Do not collect cat litter dust
  • Do not collect dust at exterior doors or window sills

Commonly found dusty areas to swiffer:

  • On top of the tv
  • On top of window and door molding *Recommended
  • On top of picture frames
  • On entertainment units
  • On top of cabinets
  • Ceiling fan blades
  • On top of baseboard to collect heavy molds *Best location

Collection notes:

  1. Watch Matt's video above before starting
  2. Use the side of the Swiffer that has more texture (holding power)
  3. Collect as much dust as you can from the qualified areas
  4. Make sure the dust is thick enough and the Swiffer 'dirty' looking
  5. Once complete, fold the Swiffer into itself
  6. Place back in the bag and prepare for returning the sample
  7. You have to cover the cost of return shipping to the lab

Once your results come in, Amy will email you to setup a time to Zoom with Matt if you chose the Zoom option. Matt does ERMI reviews every week, his regular consultation booking does not affect the ERMI reviews.

If you order a fast-tracked ERMI PLUS+, Matt will aim to review your results within 2 business days with you.

Missed Zoom call

If you miss a scheduled Zoom consultation with Matt you will receive the written interpretation (PDF) via email. Missed Zoom calls are not rescheduled due to high demand for consults with Matt.

See a sample ERMI PLUS+ report here

Related tests:

Mycotoxins from mold are incredibly toxic. But don't confuse mold testing with mycotoxin testing. These are two very different things. If you're testing one, it usually means you need to be testing the other as well. Then there's the chance mold is colonizing (growing itself) in your body.  

1. A Mycotoxin test will check your body for mycotoxins which are the inert toxin released from mold spores. These mycotoxins are what make people sick.
2. An OAT (Organic Acids test) will check your body for mold growing inside of you. 

These are the tests that will give you the best idea of what you're dealing with regarding mold and its toxins in your body and living space. 

Frequently asked questions

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How and where do I collect the dust from?
Watch the video Matt made about what to do, not to do and where to wipe, on this page. He also shows you in his own house how to collect dust for an ERMI.
Why isn’t an air quality test enough?
Matt did a video on that too in the blog. Air quality testing misses over 90% of the mold in a room when used as a general reading of a house. An air quality test is valuable when doing cavity testing.
How is the dust sample analyzed?
The lab removes your dust from the Swiffer and uses DNA analysis to see which molds are present, which are toxic, and at what concentrations. From this you have an idea of how toxic your home could be and if it could be contributing to health issues.
How do I interpret the ERMI results?
Matt includes a 20 minute consultation with your results. Once they’re in Matt will reach out to setup a time to review.
What do I do if my house has toxic mold?
Book a consultation with Matt (top of page) and Matt can help you with the next best steps. There are many factors you need to be aware of in order to not make things worse before healing can begin.

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